Bonnie Hawthorne is the director, cinematographer, editor, writer, and narrator of Dreaming of a Vetter World. As a film student at NYU in the 1980s, her documentary teacher said there would come a day when one woman could go AWOL from her day job cutting television shows, take off in a tiny camper, and make a film with cameras small enough to fit in a purse. That day finally arrived. This film—her first—is the result. Her neighbors back in those NYU days were Jo Andres and Steve Buscemi. They are Executive Producers on this film, along with Bobby Houston, who gave Bonnie her first film job.


Jo Andres was a filmmaker and artist. Jo was well-known on the kinetic downtown New York performance scene of the 1980s for her film/dance/light performances. As a filmmaker, Jo drew acclaim for her award-winning film, Black Kites, which aired on PBS.  Her film When the Curtain Comes Down opened Diana Krall’s Glad Rag Doll Tour. Tragically, the world lost this brilliant human January 6, 2019.

Steve Buscemi  is a director, actor, and filmmaker.

Bobby Houston’s series of documentary shorts, Mighty Times, was produced by HBO and Southern Poverty Law Center. The second in the series, Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks was nominated for the Academy Award and won an Emmy. The third film, Mighty Times: The Children’s March, took the Oscar in 2005.


Robot Repair is a bi-coastal original music, sound design and licensing company run by two ex-agency creatives. Their simple goal is to create great music & sound design for commercials, film, TV, and video games.

Kyp Malone is best known as a member of TV on the Radio, though he is part of many art, music, and film projects.


Big Foot Media is a boutique production company deep in the woods of Chicago. They like to make cool stuff with cool people. Tim Whalen (Creative Director) and Nicolas Rojas (Animator) combine creativity with a can-do attitude to help filmmakers and clients tell their stories.


Scott Farrington studied film at NYU, where he met Bonnie Hawthorne. After graduation, he skipped the film business and instead joined the Peace Corps. He worked as a farmer in Antigua, West Indies, spent several years in Mexico, then returned to New York City where he was Head Gardener in parks in Harlem and The Bronx. He currently lives with his husband in Philadelphia where he plays saxophone in a community band and writes short stories.

Kate McCabe has taught film at CalArts and UCSD and is the founder of the Mojave Desert art collective Kidnap Yourself. Her feature film Sabbia, inspired by musician Brant Bjork, has traveled the globe. She recently completed a film tour of her short films. Her next film is about the neighborhood in East Berlin where the Stasi were headquartered.


Eden Campbell is filmmaker and marketing professional. As a filmmaker, Eden is most known for her work on Check It, a documentary that follows an LBGT gang through their journey to start a fashion company. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2016. In 2017, she joined an experiential marketing agency, working with clients like Francis Ford Coppola Winery, MTV and Amazon.


Rachel Moody is a web designer with over 15 years of experience working on a wide-range of sites. In recent years, she has also taken on the role of producer on film projects with Blue Goggles Films. Her first feature film, Last Girl Standing, was released in 2016.