Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get interested in this subject?

It started with a Facebook post. Molly Vetter shared that her family’s farm had won a Farmer of the Year award. I was fascinated by their story of regenerating soil with organic farming practices smack in the middle of the corn belt. I went to visit. I fell in love with them, the Great Plains and the whole idea of the power of soil.

Haven’t there already been a lot of films made about food and agriculture?

Yes. Also, we are currently up to Sharknado 5. If the market can bear FIVE feature films about tornados that rain sharks, don’t you think it can stand a few thousand documentaries on what is arguably the most important topic of our time? As one farmer I met said, “Without food, you don’t have much to hang human civilization on.”

What are you bringing to the table that’s different?

When you go to a dinner party, is your selection of hostess gift based upon being “different”? No! It’s based upon being awesome. You want your hostess to say to herself, “Whoa, I’m tucking this away for a special occasion.” This film is that kind of gift. It features smart, funny, warm, dedicated people doing the right thing regardless of whether it makes them money. Weird, right? When’s the last time you saw that modeled in American culture?

Why this film why now?

Modern American agriculture is a moving target in a shifting landscape. Really bad ideas continue to roll out in the name of giving farmers more “tools in their toolkit.” Got herbicide resistant weeds from using too much herbicide? Let’s add more herbicide! Meanwhile, the Vetters, who farm with nature rather than in an adversarial relationship to it, have shown in their 40+ year experiment regenerating soil through organic methods that we don’t have to stay on the pesticide treadmill. Theirs a message that needs to be shared far and wide.